We all know that our ears are our sense organ for hearing. It works side-by-side with the other sense organs, especially with the eyes. Primarily, our ears help us in our everyday living as to how we respond to situations; that is why we need to protect our ears. If we lose our sense of hearing, we will not be able to communicate properly with other people. We will not be able to hear the external sounds that surround us.

Likewise, there are pleasant and unpleasant sounds in the environment that we are constantly exposed to. We should refrain from exposing our ears to very loud noises because constant exposure to very loud sounds can also damage our hearing resulting to hearing loss. We should also protect our ears from foreign objects to avoid damage to any parts of it.

Furthermore, we also need to safeguard our ears because it is responsible to keep our balance. It is essential that we know how to care for our ears and hearing if we want to function better and be more effective in serving the community.

Once the ear problem has become really serious and sensorineural hearing sets in, the damage is more often than not irreversible. Both children and adults should know the proper ways of protecting their ears. If you feel something is wrong with your hearing, our advise is for you immediately seek consultation from an ENT specialist so that immediate care can be appropriately given.