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Hearing Services

Expert and professional hearing care services for you and your loved one. 

Puretone Audiometry

This is one of the basic hearing tests performed by hearing health professionals or hearing specialists.  There are 2 types of Puretone Audiometry.  Sounds or tones that are presented to the ear (outer and middle ear) through an earphone are called an Air Conduction Test.  Each side of the ear is tested separately.  This test assists the hearing care specialist or audiologist to determine the softest sound a person can hear at varying frequencies and pitches.   Another type of Puretone Audiometry is a Bone Conduction Test wherein a small device or an oscillator is placed behind the patient’s ear or the mastoid bone.  The device produces sounds directly to the cochlea. 

Speech Audiometry

This is another basic hearing test. Speech Audiometry is vital in the completion of a patient’s evaluation as this helps the hearing health professional or audiologist determine a patient’s hearing and comprehension capabilities. There are 2 types of Speech Audiometry: Speech Reception Threshold and Speech Discrimination. With Speech Reception Threshold, it measures up to which lowest decibel level a patient can still recognize and repeat words.   With Speech Discrimination, it measures the patient’s recognition of the words being delivered at a level or decibel to which the patient can clearly hear.

Pediatric Audiologic Assessment

Audio Recovery, frequently referred to as aural rehab or A.R., encloses a wide set of practices focused at optimizing a person’s capability to share in conditioning that have been limited as a result of hearing impairment.

Speech Therapy and Hearing Rehabilitation

Speech Therapy and Hearing Rehabilitation, usually referred to as aural rehab or A.R., bounds a wide set of practices targeting at optimizing a person’s ability to participate or join in any activities that have been limited as a result of hearing loss.


Tympanometry is the way that helps an ENT doctor collect useful quantitative information about the presence of fluid in the middle ear. Observing the ear canal volume and mobility of the central ear system.

Hearing Implant Evaluation

We will check your hearing and speech knowledge each with and with out your listening to aids to decide if you may advantage from an implant. Testing is accomplished via way of means of an audiologist who makes a specialty of superior hearing care.

Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)

ABR test is used with children or others who can’t complete a regular hearing screening. The ABR is likewise used in case your signs and symptoms is probably because of hearing loss in the mind or in a mind pathway.

Newborn Hearing Screening

Newborn hearing screening is the standard of care in hospitals nationwide. The primary purpose of newborn hearing screening is to identify newborns who are likely to have hearing loss and who require further evaluation.

Industrial Hearing Testing

Regular Hearing Test to assess any early symptoms and signs of hearing loss. In addition to everyday preventative measures which include using ear plugs pass an extended way towards stopping permanent hearing loss.

Auditory Steady State Response (ASSR)

This test Auditory Steady State Response is somewhat similar to the BAER test in that the patient needs to be asleep for testing.

The recordings are measured by the same equipment and electrodes. While the BAER test allows us to obtain an estimate for hearing for certain frequencies, the ASSR allows us to obtain detailed frequency-specific information to estimate an audiogram. The information obtained provides a basis for determining the most appropriate intervention – specifically, recommendations for the programming of hearing aids and consideration of a cochlear implant

Earmolds and Customer Ear Plugs

Schedule a screening to a nearest ENT clinic in your locality by the time your baby is 1 month old. If you were not be able your newborn was not screened in the hospital.  By 2-3 months old approaches and if your baby failed to pass the hearing screening, immediately schedule a follow-up appointment with a pediatric audiologist.

Hearing Aid Fitting and Prescription

The data collected from these measurements are handed over to the hearing aid dispenser who provides a hearing aid that matches the prescribed response characteristics. 

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