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Hearing screen plays important role to avoid health hazards that are usually unavoidable and so is hearing loss. But it can be prevented and managed accordingly.

Whether you are working in construction sites, mining, airline services, manufacturing industry, carpentry, etc., you are at risk of experiencing hearing loss due to prolonged exposure to loud noises.

Even at quiet workplaces, it does not guarantee that you will not experience hearing loss as this can affect anyone at any age. Hearing loss at workplaces represents a lot of challenges for both employees and employers because aside from it can cause any miscommunication, untreated hearing loss can greatly cost money for both parties.

Regular hearing screening or evaluation in companies to evaluate whether an employee is suffering from hearing loss, as well as giving preventative measures to them by using headphones or other protective gears will go a long way in helping hand-in-hand for the prevention of hearing loss. As an employee, how will you know if your employer provides a hearing screening?

1. Ask your company if a hearing test is one of the health services they offer monthly or annually,

2. If so, check with the employer what kind of hearing service is covered and if you qualify to avail such,

3. Check if the hearing test can be accomplished within the company or any tie-up hearing centers that is near your area,

In any work industry, companies or employers rather give more value to good staff among others that is why it is important to provide employees a regular hearing screen. As a company, what can you do to help your employees?

Offer them a monthly or annual hearing screen and evaluation together with their annual physical examination,

I. Coordinate with preferred hearing centers near your area

II. Provide necessary preventative hearing equipment or gears for those constantly exposed to loud noises as noise-induced hearing loss can be prevented with the proper precautions.

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