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Are Online Store Hearing Aids The Same As From The Professional Retailers?

Online stores do sell hearing aids at a very affordable price that fit within budget. But the question is, are they as equally effective as those purchased from hearing and audiology centers? Maybe yes, maybe no... and why is this so?

  • Firstly, if you suspect yourself to be hard of hearing and you were not thoroughly assessed by a doctor, yet you opt to buy hearing aids online since they are cheaper than those at hearing centers, the tendency is you will not know what kind of hearing loss you have and what is the level of the loss.
  • Since you are gauging your hearing loss through your own assessment and you decided to just buy hearing devices online anyway because of convenience, you will not have the best fit of the device.

Hearing aids sold at online stores may be default or have a preselected option. So that means, the device you are about to buy through online stores may or may not help you at all with your hearing loss.

  • Online stores are much more affordable compared to purchasing hearing aids in audiology centers. Yes, they are and this may well save you lots of money, but in the long run how many devices would you keep on buying during wear and tear? Is 7 days or a month warranty a guarantee for you that you have saved a lot? It actually does not cover any future maintenance or repairs beyond that.
  • When your hearing aids are broken, can your online store repair them for you or do you need to purchase another one? When purchasing hearing aids from professional retailers, you are greatly assured that you will have the best hearing aid that will surely fit you, your lifestyle and your needs.


If you are on a fixed income and you want low-cost hearing aids that fit within your budget, yet you still want high-quality devices, talk to your hearing care professional at one of the leading hearing center in Cebu City. Let them know your budget and the kind of price you are hopeful to pay. They are as diligent as you would expect them to be in working with you to find you the best hearing device that works best for you.


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